Party: Lange Innovative Citizen Nacht

Lange Innovative Citizen Nacht mit Theater aus London, Livemusik, Party & Buffet


Samstag, 02.12.2017
19.00-open end

Ort Werkhalle Union Gewerbehof
Eintritt 10€


19.30 Uhr  Buffet und Livemusik von Os Gringos do Samba

21:00 Uhr  Jamie saves the World – Theatre

Jamie Saves the World is an award winning epic tale, a one man Sci-Fi adventure, taking us on a “hero’s journey” through wormholes, romance, veganism, semantics, danger, Bruce Springsteen, comedy and the fate of the universe! Jamie and his trusty sidekick, ‘Computer' guide you through the year ‘2016’ and beyond! Prepare to enter the mind of someone that has seen far too much science fiction!

James Alexander is a Scottish performer, comedian and award winning writer living in London. He has been a professional actor for long enough to know that most people don't pay attention to these blurbs and can talk to spiders. He has performed with Secret Cinema, Les Enfants Terribles and The Merely Players. His first one man show was performed at the Vault Festival 2017 and as part of the PBH's Free Fringe in Edinburgh 2017.

22:30 DJs Janesdin und NieKohle



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