DIY Upcycle Lamp to Enlighten Your Home 2 (16:30 Uhr, 4:30 pm)

DIY Upcycle Lamp to Enlighten Your Home 2


Freitag, 01.12.2017
16.30-18.30 Uhr, 4:30-6:30 pm
Ort, Place Dortmunder U
Teilnehmergebühr, Fee 20 €
Workshopleiterin, Workshop Leader Ica van Tongeren
Teilnehmerzahl, Number of Participants 15 Lampen, Lamps (max. 2 Personen können gemeinsam an einer Lampe arbeiten, max. 2 persons can work together on one lamp)
Workshop findet auf Englisch statt, Workshop will be held in English

Participants of this workshops will make their own lamp to take home with reclaimed plastic waste. Learn how to create a modular system from waste with designer and founder of Re4mers Ica van Tongeren.

During this workshop, you will be explained the process of creative reuse, a process of transforming a big quantity of by-products, waste materials and obsolete objects into modular designs of unique environmental value. Why throw away beautiful objects? When with them we can create limitless designs. Specially for this Upcycle workshop at Dortmund, Ica has collected runner systems, a byproduct of plastic injection molding and has designed with these an ornamental modular system to enable you to create a unique lamp with them. At the end of the upcycle workshop the lamp you make is yours to take with you to enlighten your home or office.

Under the motto “CREATE BEAUTY NOT WASTE”, Ica founded RE4MERS due to her love of objects gone to waste and craftsmanship who made them. RE4MERS designs exclusive interior products from reclaimed objects. Ica van Tongeren is a product designer who is intrigued with the origins of waste, ever since her study at the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam.


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