To Plant Energy

To Plant Energy


Samstag, 2.12.2017
12.00-17.00 Uhr

Ort Dortmunder U
Teilnehmergebühr 10€
Workshopleiter Lina Monaco
Max. Teilnehmerzahl 10

Discover the hidden Energy of Moss!

Most of the people know that plants, with photosynthesis, are able to collect solar energy to transform nutrients necessary for their life. Not everybody knows that micro-organisms living in their roots collects those nutrients transforming it in electric energy! And human are developing new technologies to collect this free energy naturally provided by plants. Come to discover the new microbial fuel cell technology build a prototype of BioPV Charger run by Moss and learn how to Plant Energy!

Lina Monaco is architect, urbanist, maker or as she prefer to say a digital archi-san. Helping citizens artists coming to the Fabrication Workshop of eTOPIA (center of art and technology of Zaragoza) to develop their projects and improve fantasy. As phd student of University of Zaragoza she is investigating how makers community can participate in public space design and fabrication, learning by people, and teaching by doing.


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